Easter For a 3 Month Old

Check out my super adorable baby girl last year on Easter. She is rocking another adorable custom onesie made by the same etsy shop, Polka Dot Closet, as her St. Patrick’s day attire. Look at her, still drowning in 0-3 months!


It doesn’t get much cuter than that folks!


Last year I was such a procrastinator. I don’t know if it was new mommy chaos colliding with going back to work, but I seriously waited until the very last minute to get this Easter basket thrown together. I wasn’t crazy over the actual basket, but you take what you can get when you wait until last minute.


The main question was, what on Earth do you put in a still basically newborn’s Easter basket?? Luckily, as much as I stressed over it, I’m pretty confident she doesn’t remember in the least, so it really isn’t that important. But in March of 2012, it was basically life or death and had to be perfect.


I didn’t want to go crazy and spend an ungodly amount of money on crap she wouldn’t use/play with, so I kept it pretty simple.  Her basket included this mint green TY buddy bunny from my childhood.  I have an embarrassingly large TY beanie collection that I plan to hand down to her over the years, and holidays make the perfect opportunity!  It also keeps me from wasting money on stuffed animals, because let’s face it, kids rarely actually play with those and they end up in a big pile of fluff in the corner.  I included four yoyo hairbows, because I was making them out of every piece of scrap fabric possible in those days.  I’m glad I did too.  I was smart, and put them on a clip instead of sewing them to her headbands.  They were the perfect size for her tiny head then, and now they are perfect size to use as just a single hair clip!  I also included a teething ring and a touch and feel book.  This adorable book, that is still a huge favorite of Elise’s, featured baby animals with different textures to “pet” and feel of.  The windmill was a big hit for many months until just recently, Elise accidentally broke it.  It was good stimulation for her when she was so little.  She loved to watch me blow it and see the colors twirl.  See that completely awesome pacifier sticking out?  That is totally my homemade “wubbanub!”  Those things are way too expensive in my opinion, so I took matters into my own hands and made my own.  I took a few of these McDonald’s TY mini beanies (I told you I have a huge collection of this crap) and sewed them by hand onto the paci.

These would make such a cute gift to include for a baby shower!

For the one included in her Easter basket, I simply stitched through it’s mouth and the part of the paci that sticks out.  But for her others (which included a mini blue elephant, a dalmatian dog, and a gray cat), I made it a little easier on myself and sewed each paw to one of the holes at the bottom of the paci, which is much easier than trying to stab a needle through the paci.  But this little guy didn’t have any arms, so this was my only option.  These things were a life saver when Elise was little and would drop her paci every five minutes and cry for us to get it back.  She could hold on to the animals and it gave it enough weight that if she spit it out, it wouldn’t go flying and she could get it back.  This was especially helpful in the car seat!  I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull over to try to hunt a paci that she sent flying into the floor board before we started using these!  She did however eventually grow out of these Avent Soothies and started using Nuks, but by that point she had more control of it and was able to keep it a little better.  Luckily now, she has just quit using her pacis all together with no effort from us.

Elise wasn’t overly impressed.  She was all business Easter morning and had her serious face on.



Here she is modeling another fabulous custom onesie from Polka Dot Closet.  For this super cute and easy hairbow, I simply sewed a few scrapbook flowers together that morning and attached them to the handband.  If you are super short on time, you could always use glue!

This year I’m much more prepared for Easter and I am so excited that she is old enough to actually take interest in her basket and hopefully to hunt eggs!  As soon as I get her basket together this year, I’ll share all the details!


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