Filling Easter Eggs without Candy!


It seems like for Easter, all anyone ever puts in Easter eggs is candy, candy, and more candy.  Although Elise does get an occasional treat, she most definitely isn’t going to be getting 493,207,520,358 miniature bunnies, peeps, and reese cups in her eggs.  Her chocolate bunny and marshmallow sucker will be more than enough sugar to do her for a few days.  I’ve compiled a list of a few non candy options.  Most of these work better for Easter basket eggs, but several could work for outdoor egg hunts too!

1.      Goldfish Crackers
2.      SOCKS (We can always use more socks and neon colors could be a lot of fun)
3.      Those tiny $1 bubble sets – way more fun than candy!
4.      Money (from pennies to dollar bills, any child that is old enough to know what money is will appreciate hunting for it)
5.      Special notes from mommy and daddy (if child is old enough to read)
6.      Confetti!
7.      Grapes
8.      Blueberries
9.      Blackberries
10.  Cherries
11.  Strawberries
12.  Mini nail polishes (PIGGY PAINT!)
13.  Raisins
14.  Hairbows
15.  Stickers
16.  Play jewelry
17.  toy cars
18.  Erasers
19.  trail mix
20.  Popcorn
21.  Paints
22.  Puzzle Pieces
23.  Balloons with messages they can read when they blow them up
24.  Have a crafter?  Beads, buttons, ribbons, glitter – SO many crafty items could easily fit into eggs!
25.  Play make up
26.  Sample sized perfumes
27.  Pretzels
28.  Tickets/Coupons for favorite activities (movies, picnics, ice cream dates, etc)
29.  Teddy Grahams
30.  Playdough


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