Pancake Cupcakes!

Most days it’s just me and E for breakfast. I don’t want to make a big mess for just me and her. Not to mention I’m pretty lazy in the mornings. I don’t wake up bursting with energy. Luckily, I came across this pin:

Pancake Cupcakes

The link doesn’t work for me but luckily the pinner wrote the instructions when she pinned it. So simple!

Mix a pancake mix, spray a cupcake pan, fill with mix, add toppings, bake for 12-14 min at 350.

I ended up with 11 after preparing 2 cups of mix, but I filled mine really full. I also used a “just add water” pancake mix because the goal of this it to be fast and easy.


For toppings, I used chocolate chips, bacon, and cinnamon. I also made them with bananas last week. The chocolate chips were my favorite and Michael liked the cinnamon. We both agreed that the bacon ones were gross! I really wanted blueberries, but my grocery store didn’t have any.


Best part, they freeze wonderfully! It’s so easy to make a bunch on day 1, then throw one in the microwave each morning! This could make the life of a working mom SO much easier. My toddler and I just finished eating some. Banana and cinnamon seem to be her favorites!

The topping possibilities are endless. Try it out and see what variations are favorites in your family!


2 thoughts on “Pancake Cupcakes!

  1. I tried these this morning with crumbled sausage sprinkled on top, and three plain ones for my little girl, and they were really good.

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