Fake Snow Sensory Bin

In my mom’s group, sensory bins are all the rage.  At first I was reluctant.  It really seemed like a big mess to me.  But everyone kept posting pictures of their babies having a blast with different bins, and sensory play is important at this age, so I decided to hop on board!  I decided to start out by making a fake snow sensory bin!

Fake Snow Sensory Bin

This was SUPER easy for me to make, because back in my wedding planning days when I had decided I would have a winter wonderland wedding (which later turned into a fall outdoor wedding), I bought this fake snow at the Christmas store in Pigeon Forge, TN.  It is a small container of powder that you mix with water and it multiplies itself times a zillion and makes snow.  It feels so much like the real stuff.  It is wet, fluffy, and cold (if you use cold water).  PERFECT for an easy sensory bin if you are like me and get the sudden urge to do these kind of things a hour before bedtime.  Also it lasts for days.  I kept the sensory bin out for almost a week before I finally got rid of it and the “snow” was just as fresh as the day I made it.  If you don’t want to order this stuff (which is awesome and evidently has a shelf life of like eternity since I’ve had it for years), I’ve compiled a lists of a couple of websites which have recipes for fake snow.  I’ve not used any of them though, so try at your own risk. 😉


I was overly excited and just poured 1/4 the container into my bin and started adding water, so it took me a bit to get the right consistency.  (Why do I never take the time to measure anything???)  It was totally awesome watching it grow with the more water I added, and an older toddler (or anyone old enough to realize what was happening) would be super excited.  Let’s face it, I’m an adult and I was acting like I was going to build the world’s biggest snow village.  It took me a few minutes to do this, so while the princess was waiting, she had some sensory fun with a container of Halloween sprinkles and Christmas sprinkles.


She was having TONS of fun carrying them around the house shaking them.  She continued to play with these two sprinkle bottles for days.  Silly girl, all these expensive toys and the simplest things bring the most joy!





After I had the “snow” made, I decided to hide a few of her favorite toys in there.  I put a Mickey bath toy and a few blocks from her alphabet train, in hopes that she would enjoy digging them out.


Elise on the other hand, wasn’t so sure about slushy mess in front of her.


She would NOT stick her hand down in it.  She kept touching it and making the grossest face.  I even put her hand down in it at one point thinking it would win her over, but she didn’t like the feel of it.  Although she didn’t dive in and go crazy with it like I wanted her to, THAT’S OKAY.  The sensory bin still served it’s purpose and exposed her to a new feeling.  Maybe she will have more fun with our next sensory project.  Each child is different and will enjoy different textures, tastes, sights, and smells.  Give it a try and see what your child ends up liking!


**Spin off idea**

Have a toddler that is a little older?  Take an eye dropper and have them drop food coloring (or koolaid if you don’t want to use food coloring) onto the snow to “paint the snow” for a fun and educational activity that helps develop their fine motor skills!

As promised, a couple of fake snow recipes.  Like I said, I haven’t used any of these, so attempt at your own risk!

Living Life Crafty

LIFEOLOGIA has three different eco friendly recipes!

Do you have a recipe for fake snow?  Please feel free to comment and share!  Also I would love to hear about your experiences and how your little one reacted to the fake snow sensory bin!


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