Watch Me Grow!


Over the past 12 months, I have taken a photo of Elise each month to document her growth.  I found these adorable stickers on Etsy, and knew that they would be perfect to create these special memories.

PicMonkey Collage

Look at my sweet baby freshly home from the hospital in her newborn onesie that was way too big.  I had made her this hairbow, and I also used it in her 12 month picture, to show the difference in size.  It looks so big on her tiny little head here.  I miss that squishy little baby!


By two months, her little personality was starting to come out and shine.  She was so smiley in this set of pictures.  It warms my heart.


During our 3 month photos, I captured what will probably always be my favorite photo of Elise.  How can this not melt you into a puddle of baby cuteness??  She just looks so angelic with her little arms folded.  I’m so thankful I was able to capture that moment.


By 6 months, she was so over this sitting on the bouncer to take photos business.  The bouncer was a genius idea when she was little and couldn’t hold herself up.  But new mom over here didn’t realize that once she got a little bigger, she would NOT want to sit in the thing.  If I had it do over now, I would have had her sitting in the corner of a chair or the couch instead.  From 5 months on it was such a battle to get at least one picture in the bouncer.  She was so over that tiny baby business.  Here’s little miss giving her mommy a little smirk.



By 7 months, she was so over the bouncer that I was lucky to get one shot just for growth comparison.  However at 7 months, she realized that this thing I was putting on her was a sticker, and that just had to be ripped off!


Of course she had to taste it too.  How cute is that?


As the time passed on, she quickly learned how to manage her way out of the bouncer torture 😉 but it made for awfully cute pictures!


By 8 months, she could crawl away.  I’m so glad I have these photos to document milestones.  She was sitting up independently shortly before the above 7 month photos, crawling a little before her 8 month photos, and pulling up at 9 months.


However at any age, she has always been a big fan of her toes.  I can understand why though.  They are preciously kissable!


By 10 months, it was an act of congress to get a photo of her in this chair.  She was a baby on the move, and there would be no holding her down!  Here is my poor husband trying to help me get a photo as she’s making her escape!


But also by 10 months, she was obsessed with figuring out this huge black box that is often attached to mommy’s face.  While she crawled out of the bouncer and up me to figure out the camera, I was able to snap another favorite photo!  Look at those eyes!




For our 12 month photos, she was SO OVER IT.


…and her diva self came out.  But I was happy, because I got at least one with her sitting in the bouncer.


So I let her toddle away to play.  Because my big 1 year old is a toddling mess of energy, laughter, and endless fun.


At 12 months old, she loves to pet the kitty, calling “Here kitty kitty” and motioning for the kitty with her hand, eating EVERYTHING, feeding herself, climbing into the refrigerator, throwing things and adorably say “uh oh” (because how can she get in trouble when she’s so cute), and still yet, cuddle with mommy.


She took her first steps at 11 months old, started taking good independent steps a few days before and at her birthday party, and by today, she is on the move and ready to run.

Her vocabulary consists of:  Mom in all versions (momma, mom mom, mommy), Daddy, dada, papaw, Gigi (for Grammie), kitty, cat, addy (my mom’s puppy), tazzy (my mom’s cat), nana (banana), Mickey, hello, hi, bye, uh oh, cookie (although she has yet to let me hear it!), and I think there is more, but I can’t think of them at the moment!

It was a pain in the butt to do this photos every month.  It often involved crying, bribery, and redo’s.  I was often late by a few days, but that is okay.  I LOVE that I did it now and kept up with the commitment.


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