I got this completely adorable idea from my friend, Susan, at the fabulous Fowler Photography.  Take a look at her work.  She’s great!

From the tiniest little speck, this sweet angel has transformed into the most precious little girl.  It has been an amazing ride watching this little bud bloom into the most beautiful flower.  This was her very first ultrasound picture.


This is not a pregnancy announcement pic (although it would be a super cute one!), and a few of my friends may have had a heart attack when I posted it without a quote attached!  Oops!

Of course it wouldn’t be Elise unless we added a little bit of drama.  I swear, little miss toddlerhood has developed a diva attitude these days.  She’s one sassy baby and everything is such a huge deal!


We had to take a little break for a snack before the princess could finish her photo session.  Bananas and a peanut butter sandwich.  Yum!


Then it was back to the fun!  She thought it would be nice to include her baby doll too.

PicMonkey Collage2

This is such a fun stage.  She is the cutest thing toddling around the house and she is so curious about the world around her.  Not to mention she is quite the monkey and I find her climbing on everything!

See more from Megan Kunkel Photography here.


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