Real Life Mommyhood – Sleep Deprivation

Every parent knows what I’m talking about – sleep deprivation.  When zombie status is your natural state of being these days and even your third cup of caffeine isn’t giving you the smallest ounce of energy.  You contemplate how you could hook yourself up an IV and just pump 5 hour energy drinks straight in.  Because of course you’ve only slept more than a few hours a handful of times in the last 1000 months.  Those days where you decide yoga pants are completely acceptable and you are lucky to be able to gather both your keys and the mountain of stuff the baby requires and make it out the door.

I bet you can guess what we were doing from 2:30-5:00 AM this morning.  It isn’t a secret that my little cuddle bug is one horrible sleeper.  At almost 13 months old, she still wakes up twice a night.  Normally she eats and then goes back to sleep.  But not last night.  Last night she decided that it was time to get up to spend some time cuddling and playing.


Thankfully for me, I have a wonderful husband who does help out with her on the nights he is home.  I would lose my mind if he didn’t.  I’m so not cut out to be a single mom, and I have no clue how they do it.

She’s always been a horrible sleeper, fighting it as long as she can.  She won’t sleep anywhere but her crib or car seat.  That is a good and bad thing.  I’m glad she doesn’t want to sleep in our bed, because cosleeping really wouldn’t work well for our family, but it does make outings difficult.  She has only fell asleep in her stroller one time in her life.  Even as a tiny baby, she wouldn’t have it.  Here she is taking her only nap in her stroller, due to exhaustion at the zoo.


See my sweet, tiny, sleepy baby?

0205 Crib-1603

Doesn’t she just look so peaceful?

0205 Crib-1620

A little sleeping angel…

0205 Crib-1606

That is totally not actually sleeping.

0205 Crib-1609

Days like today where she was up all night and then still gets up for the day at 7:00 AM, I can barely get myself going.  Thankfully today I was able to stay home and relax with her this morning.  We’ve been told everything in the world to do to make her sleep through the night.  The pediatrician keeps insisting that we need to just let her cry it out.  But I’m not okay with that.  It may work for some families, but not us.  So until she eventually learns to sleep better, we will just keep getting up and cuddling.  Because this too shall pass, and one day she won’t want to cuddle with me or be rocked to sleep.  One day I’ll look back and wish I spent less time being aggravated about being so tired, and more time embracing the hugs.  So for now, I’ll keep my 2:00 AM dates with my sweet girl, and my 7:00 AM dates with my mountain dew!



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