Valentine’s Day Felt Fun!

2019 NOTE: SO much has changed over the years! To see what I am up to these days, come check out my current blog Megan Does Adventures — Thank you for stopping by! — Love, Megan

You may remember Elise’s felt Christmas tree that she had such a blast with during the month of December.  When we packed away all the Christmas decor, the little wall it was on just felt naked!  So I decided to make a Valentine’s themed felt wall.  At first I had the hardest time deciding what to do.  I had decided I was going to make a big box of chocolates with ribbon dividers and then she could move around the chocolates decorated with sprinkles and poms.  Then I was going to make a vase of flowers that she could move the blooms around.  Then I decided I had lost my mind, because my one year old really just enjoys ripping this stuff off and hiding it around the house.  So I decided to save the more elaborate designs for next year and do something easy and classic Valentine’s day – a heart!


You don’t have to have a large space.  Here is the wall that I’ve used for both her Christmas tree and now the Valentine’s Day Heart.  It is in our foyer which opens up to the great room.  I don’t mind it being in the foyer.  I could have easily put it in her bedroom, but she is rarely in there to actually play.  We spend most of our time in the living room, so that is where I wanted it.  I wanted her to have access to easily play with it.


I bought two yard of red felt because I was paranoid that I would mess up the first time, and it’s cheap anyway.  I could have went with less.  I folded it in half, laid it out on the floor, and drew half a heart with a permanent marker.


I then cut the heart out.  I recommend measuring your area first, because I just winged it, and cut mine just a little bit too big for the wall.  Oops!  To secure the heart to the wall, I used command strips.  The heart took more command strips than the the Christmas tree because it is so large and top heavy.  I had to go out and buy more the next day because I only had three at home, so for these pictures, I used a little tape.  That is why it isn’t super smooth and tight.

For the small hearts, I folded in half and cut different sizes.  Some tall and skinny, some fat and extra round, so that she would have a little bit of variety.  I reused left over felt sheets from the ornaments on her felt tree.  If you don’t already have an assortment of felt, it is super cheap to buy, and 3-4 sheets would be plenty.


It was close to bedtime when I did it, but I let her play for a few minutes away.  Of course as soon as I got in on the wall, she insisted on coming and taking all the hearts off.




She thinks it is the best game ever to take all the hearts off over and over again while I try to put them back up!  This was such an easy and cheap project that resulted in lots of fun!  I need to start planning our felt fun for Easter!

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