Birthday Traditions – A Room Full of Balloons

Since before I was pregnant I said that I would start a birthday tradition of filling my child’s room with balloons the morning of their birthday.  I got the idea from a photographer on a photography board I am on, and it looked like so much fun.

Fast forward to actually having a child.  I didn’t expect to have a baby so close to Christmas.  Needless to say after all the Christmas excitement (aka stress), completing Elise’s Minnie Mouse Car, and doing everything for her birthday party, I was just tired.  The last thing I wanted to do was get up even earlier after not sleeping for days, weeks, okay months.  So I decided to skip the first year.  She wouldn’t remember it anyway right?

….Then mom guilt kicked in.  (Stupid I know).  The day before her birthday I felt guilty for not following through with it just because I was tired.  Thanks to pinterest, slacking isn’t allowed.  Because seriously, how can we DO ALL THE PINS and be the SUPER MOM of pinterest if we slack?  Now I was stuck, because I didn’t have any balloons ordered for her actual birthday.  A few mom friends convinced me that it wasn’t the end of the world if I just reused her balloons from her birthday party (which was the day before her actual birthday).  That would work, even if they were red, black, and white, and not overly cheery.  It would have to do.

Besides, I had 30 balloons for her party.  I crammed all 30 balloons in my Camry and drove 30 minutes with them all in my car.  I’m not going to lie, probably not my safest decision, but I made it.  Then, when we were unloading stuff from our vehicles into the party room, I lost 10 of them to the freaking sky.  Oh well, that left 20 balloons for Elise’s birthday morning.  By the next morning, they were a little (or a lot) deflated.  But that’s okay, it’s the thought that counts.  Next year her birthday will be on a weekday, and I can hopefully plan better.  I’m already working on birthday party #2, in hopes that I will be less stressed next year.

Of course, Elise picks her birthday morning to completely throw off her sleep schedule.  She woke up at some wee hour in the morning, and decided it was time to rock.  Luckily, my wonderful husband understood my birthday exhaustion from over crafting, so he got up with her.  This prevented me from sneaking in super early and putting the balloons in while she was still deep asleep.  She went back down around 6:00, so I didn’t know what time she would wake up for the day.  Around 7:30, I decided to go ahead and put them in.  My child is a super light sleeper, and I may have accidentally woke her up during the process.  Mom fail.  But they were all at least in there when she woke up.

Still tired and wore out from her birthday party the day before, she was half asleep and very confused.






She was very puzzled.  …and sleepy!  (Take a look at that bedhead!)



But after she had a few minutes to get awake, she was ready to play!



fb-0300    fb-0264


fb-0277    fb-0293


Mommy and daddy may have had more fun than she did with the balloons for the rest of the day.  After we were finished playing with the balloons and got changed out of our jammies, we started another fun (and more successful) birthday tradition cake batter pancakes!  YUM!


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3 thoughts on “Birthday Traditions – A Room Full of Balloons

  1. I think it turned out great! My trick is putting them in the night before after they go to bed. That way you don’t have to get up early and if they wake up after midnight, it’s still their birthday! (Even though they might stay up longer than usual for a simple night waking.

    • Thanks Christina! That is what I had wanted to do but I was afraid that she would wake up, see them, and not go back to sleep. That ended up happening anyway though! 😉 I swear she is never going to learn to sleep through the night!

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