Flashback to Elise’s FIRST Valentines Day!

My how time flies!  Valentines day is coming up quickly, so I thought that I would take a trip down memory lane and look back on Elise’s first Valentines day!

Look at my sweet little tiny baby.  This ADORABLE sock monkey hat that we also used in her newborn pictures came from this etsy shop.

February 12, 2012-Feb12-1785

As her present last year we bought her a play mat.  She loved this thing and spent so much time playing on it.  It seems so small next to her as a toddler!

February 13, 2012-Feb12-1808

February 13, 2012-Feb12-1817

I was still pretty much in “new mom chaos” but I did manage to snap a few special photos!


I definitely didn’t have the energy to make or design a card, so I slapped a photo into a premade one and order them!


I’m not sure what we will do for Vday pictures yet this year, I need to be brainstorming!!


4 thoughts on “Flashback to Elise’s FIRST Valentines Day!

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