Rolled Flower Hairbow Tutorial

This is SUPER easy!  I love to make these flowers to add a girly touch to an outfit or make an adorable hairbow!  For Elise’s cake smash photo session, I wanted to make a bow to match her tutu.  I was short on time, because I only had the morning of to do it (procrastinator!) so I decided to make a couple of flowers to glue to a headband.  I used tulle in mine to match her tutu, but any kind of scrap fabric could work.  If your chosen material isn’t already in strip form, cut it into a long strip.  It doesn’t matter if it’s straight or anything, you’ll never be able to tell!

These are all cell pics because I can’t hold and snap the camera with one hand, so excuse the yucky photos!

First I took my tulle and started twisting it.  How tight/loose you twist the material will change the look of the flower, so play around and see which way you prefer.  See the piece sticking out from my thumbs?  I left all that excess and started twisting from that point.  You can trim the excess off later, and it will be on the back of the bow, so who cares if its there anyway.  It makes it way easier to hold and do.


So after I got a bit twisted, I started wrapping it around in a circle to form a flower.  I got about this much done and then put some hot glue on the back to hold it in place.


You then continue twisting and wrapping, adding dabs of hot glue to the sides and then lying your twist over it to secure them in place.  Be careful not to add too much hot glue, because you don’t want it showing through the front.


Continue to wrap until you reach your desired size.  Then snip your extra material and roll the end of your twist around to the back of the flower and secure it there with hot glue.  I was in a rush and chose to glue mine straight to the headband.  You could just as easily glue it to a piece of felt or other fabric and attach it to the headband or to a clip.  For the headband pictured below I made a large pink flower out of tulle and a smaller purple one.  I added some blue tulle sticking out of the back to add a splash of more color.  They make such cute little bows to be so easy!  I must admit though, I burn myself with hot glue every single time!


See more of Elise’s cake smash photos here!



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