Minnie & Mickey Party Hats Tutorial

Minnie & Mickey Party Hats Tutorial




  1. Black cardstock (12×12) – 1 sheet = 1 hat
  2. Scissors
  3. Black glitter foam
  4. Red & white polka dot ribbon
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. hole punch
  7. ribbon to make ties


First, I used my cricut to cut 10 large circles (about 11” x 11”) and 20 small circles (about 3” x 3”) out of the black cardstock.  If you don’t have a cricut, you could just use scissors.  The cricut is definitely MUCH faster and easier though!  After the cutting was done, I placed a book on top of my large circles to flatten them while I worked with the small circles.  I turned over my black glitter foam and traced the small circle 20 times. 


I then cut out the glitter foam circles. 


The foam I used had a sticker back, so I just applied them straight to the small card stock circles.  If your foam doesn’t have a sticky back, you could either glue them to the black cardstock, or skip this step all together.


To make the cone hat, I took the large circles and cut a straight line from the outside down to the center.  It doesn’t matter where you make the cut, as long as it is straight and goes to the middle.  You could be exact and measure it out perfectly, but that is too time consuming for me, so I just winged it.  (Homemade crafts aren’t supposed to be perfect anyway, right??). I did find that I had to cut a little farther than the center line to get it to form as small of a cone as I liked.  But, also to get it to form the smaller cone, it did have to overlap itself a bit at the bottom. This didn’t bother me at all, but it may some. 


You will then take the cut circle and twist/wrap it into a cone. 


I secured the inside with tape.  I also temporarily secured the outside with tape because I had an adorable baby (I’m in denial that she is a toddler) helping me.  I have to hot glue during nap times.  But if you don’t have a special little helper assisting, then you can go ahead and secure the outside with hot glue, craft glue, staples, or whatever you wish.



After completing the cone hats, I hot glued ears to each side.  I’ve found pictures on pinterest where people have chose to glue them to the bottom of the hat instead of the top, but I personally think the top looks better.  Finally, I tied bows out of ribbon and glued them to half of the hats. 


I made 10 total, and I finished this much in a day, but like I said, I had lots of help from tiny hands with lots and lots of breaks for cuddles and playing, so it probably could’ve been done during a nap time if I had wanted.  The day before her party, I realized that I never went back and secured a way for the kids to tie them on their head.  I did that part in a hurry, so excuse the cell pics!  First I took a hole punch and brought it up as far as I could so that it was punching through as many layers as possible.


I then threaded the ribbon through the hole from the outside in and tied a knot.  I used two different ribbons, red and white polka dot for the Minnie hats and black and white polka dot for the Mickey hats.  I found that for the red and white ribbon, I had to tie a double knot to keep it from pulling through the hole.  For the other ribbon, I only had to tie a single knot. 



Cut the ribbons to your desired length and then you are finished!  I also made this super cute sign using my Cricut.  I used the basic cartridge that comes with the cricut and also a Disney Mickey Font Cartridge.


I’m happy with how they turned out and they were very cute on the entry table to her party!  Wouldn’t it be super cute to make plain white hats and half children decorate them with colorful poms and glitter at a craft party?  Definitely on my to do list for when Elise is a little older!


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