Merry Christmas!

We had Christmas a week early, but I still wanted to wait until after Christmas really passed to post about our “Christmas morning.”  It is so much more exciting when you have a child of your own.  I want to make sure Elise knows the real meaning of Christmas, and that it isn’t all about a magical man dressed in red, but I will have a separate post on that.  We had such a wonderful morning full of laughs and surprises.  Mommy most definitely had the biggest surprise of all though!

I woke up 30 minutes earlier than Elise normally gets up so that I could make sure everything was in place and I had my camera ready to go.  Of course Elise chose this morning to sleep in, but that’s okay!  It was probably thanks to her sugar high she had from sampling Santa’s cookies on Christmas Eve!


Here daddy is bringing her out of her bedroom to see what special surprise Santa left her.  In our house, Santa only brings one present.  I am hoping that this will prevent her from asking Santa for 1,835,023,503 things when she is a little older, and hopefully Santa will actually be able to bring her that one special thing each year.  Ideally, this will create more excitement over receiving that special gift, instead of focusing on disappointment over things she didn’t get.  It is very, very important to me that she is appreciative of gifts that she receives.


She spotted the toys and is ready to get down!  Santa brought Elise a Zany Zoo activity cube this year!  She must’ve been one good little girl!




Mommy was most excited about what was in Elise’s stocking.  Here is Elise getting to see her stocking filled.  (Notice my dining room, aka birthday party central, in the background!)



Elise received her very first Cabbage Patch doll!  Mommy and daddy had to look hard to find one for her.  It seemed as though all of the ones locally were gone.  Toys R Us was even bare.  They only had the baby twins and some mermaid one.  But luckily, Target saved the day!  Elise of course instantly stole her paci and tried to suck on it!


Side note: I had equally as difficult of a time deciding on stockings as I did Elise’s pajamas, but I finally decided on these lovely ones from personal creations and I couldn’t be happier with them.  They are perfect and such great quality.  Elise loves to play with the lights on her gingerbread one!


We decided to expand our bow options too ;).


But as I mentioned before, I had the biggest surprise of all.  I thought that I was opening a digital photo frame from my wonderful husband.  To my complete shock, I received the most amazing gift…a new camera!  I love my ancient rebel, but the 5dm3 swept me right off my feet!


From the little I have been able to use it so far, I AM IN LOVE.  I haven’t been able to upload any photos yet, as I have to get caught up with editing and clear some computer space off first, but I know they will be great.  I am so thankful to have such a caring and sweet husband.  He has earned enough brownie points to last years!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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