Christmas Eve – Cookies for Santa!

Christmas came a little early at the Kunkel household since mommy was supposed to work on Christmas Eve & Christmas.  We baked traditional chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  I’m normally an out of the box baker, so I was pretty proud of myself.  We decided to make a sign so that Santa knew they were made specially for him, so Elise and I fired up the cricut, and made a quick easy sign out of some scrap paper we had lying around.

This was Elise’s first time having a chocolate chip cookie, and she was quite excited.  She was hesitant at first, but it didn’t take her long to chow down.


What are these things mommy?


I’m supposed to SHARE these with Santa???





Here mommy and daddy, have a bite!



…and all that was left after we cut her off…



These photos were so much fun.  Elise had a blast eating cookies and making a mess!  Don’t forget to capture sweet details and memories like this during your holiday festivities!

PS.  Most people know that I was going CRAZY trying to find the perfect first Christmas pjs for Elise.  I ordered some from Wooden Soldier in Nov.  They kept getting back ordered and back ordered without anyone notifying me.  Finally I had enough and canceled my order.  I will never order from them again.  Their customer service is most definitely lacking.  But I was lucky enough to find these adorable traditional pajamas at a Belks in a nearby town.  They are just as cute and were only a quarter of the price.  I am so happy with them and they are so comfy and adorable on Elise.


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