Toddler Christmas Tree

This was such an easy project and Elise has had so much fun with it all month long.  She’s young for it and doesn’t understand to “decorate” the tree, but she has had such a blast taking the ornaments off and scattering them around the house.


Supply list:

  • Green felt (1/2 – 1 yard)
  • Assorted colors of felt in sheets
  • Needle & thread (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Something to secure it to the wall.  I used command velcro strips.



You will need green felt.  I got a yard because I’m prone to mess up the first go around.  You could use more or less depending upon the size you want the tree to be.  I bought green glittery felt.  That was probably a mistake.  It is super cute, but there is always glitter everywhere.  I can’t keep the floor around it clean!

I got my idea from this pin on pinterest.  I turned my felt over and traced my tree out on the back first.  I didn’t want to do just a triangle, I wanted it to have a little more life.  So I got out a ruler and attempted to draw straight lines to make the above tree.  I then cut it out and put it on the wall using Velcro command strips.


I purposely didn’t do many ornaments and kept it simple because I knew they would just get lost this year because as I said before, my one year old loves to hide them.  (Really, I find these things EVERYWHERE! Including drawers and the diaper bag!)  I just freehanded the ornaments and cut random shapes and used entire sheets as presents.  Anywhere that there is an embellishment or double layer of felt, I decided to sew it.  I thought about gluing it, but decided against it because everything goes into Elise’s mouth.  If you have an older one that isn’t going to put it in their mouth, glue would probably be fine.  Elise’s favorite ornament is the white circle that has the different colored poms on it.

I have had a lot of people ask me how the ornaments are attached to the tree.  Felt sticks to felt.  It’s amazing and awesome.  Felt is wonderful.  However, if it is heavy, it does not stick well.  Those presents are in the floor 90% of the time, especially the one that I put the ribbon on.  If I do keep any of the ornaments from this year, that present is getting tossed regardless!


This was a fun an easy project that I will do every year.  Elise comes crawling and giggling as soon as she sees you start putting the ornaments on the tree so she can rip them all off!  Next year I hope that Elise is able to help decorate some of the ornaments and have more fun actually putting them on the tree.  I want to make garland for it next year too and a real topper!

Check back for more felt projects, because I plan to do these for every season!


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